Thursday, November 3, 2011

Parent involvement

Parent involvement! Parent involvement, Parent involvement is the KEY that can either sour a child’s interest in school or unlock a passion for school that can last into college.  Parents are the foundation, the first educators for children. The basic building blocks of education must start prior to entering Kindergarten. Parents drive the train of excitement and interest in learning that builds a successful framework for children to continue to build upon each school year.

Remember school is a big deal. As Parent's our interest about school helps raise our children's excitement. From birth children learn directly from their parents.  Their likes and dislikes are structured from observing what their parents like and dislike.  What children learn during the first years of life is the foundations they begin to form as their own personalities form based on early observation (learned habits).

Tips to make school interesting

Start early.  There are tools available that will help aid in keeping the learning process fun through infancy to Higher learning (Baby Einstein,,, and many more).  Search on Google for reading, and math educational tools or books to select educational aids to help your child(ren).
Playing fun games spark interest while learning with our children.  Examples: I spy with colors and/or shapes when you drive or within your home. Scavenger hunts to board games and matching/memory games for younger children.

“Bring Fun to Education”

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