Saturday, March 3, 2012

Parents Children need LOVE!

As a parent, I had a moment with my youngest daughter watching home videos.  Watching the videos I realized how I use to be very tentative to all her needs (ofcourse you have to when they are babies).  I am not saying now that as parents when our children get older we loose the parenting affection. As our children get older and more independent it is easy for parents to now divert our attention to seemingly more pressing needs (internet, work, phone, text, cooking, TV, etc).  No matter what age your child(ren) are at this point, they still require your tender love and care.  Moments are very precious and someday they will be adults and living their lives.  Cherish those moments with your child(ren) now while they are young.  Play dress up, games, and/or read them a books.  Spend time with them, their needs are still pressing and very much important.  Make sure to give hugs, kisses, and just a simple I LOVE YOU everyday.  Show them you (yes their parent) indeed appreciate them and their company.  Laugh alot, smile alot, and HAVE FUN!

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