Monday, July 23, 2012

"Show Love NO Bullying"

In the past bullying has always existed in some form within our communities. Bullying is certainly an old topic that is rising due to the increased level of social media; interaction/communication between children is instantaneous. Bullying is steadily increasing and becoming an epidemic resulting in detrimental mental and emotional affects among our children and has even resulted in the increase in deaths. Each community will need to stand up, address, and take steps to build social awareness in our children and take a stand against bullying. As many as 160,000 students stay home during the day because they're afraid of being bullied. 60% of middle school students say that they have been bullied, while 16% of teachers believe that students are bullied. Bullying was a factor in 2/3 of the 37 school shootings reviewed by the US Secret Service. 1 out of 4 teens are bullied. 1 out of 5 children admits to being a bully, or doing some "Bullying." (Click here to see

Remember the Dare America message when we were younger “Say No to Drugs”? That phrase stuck with so many children, and we remember the phrase even today as adults.    Remember McGruff the Crime Dog and the many messages we learned through the information given by McGruff; yet another awareness raising message for children?  It is truly wonderful to see the community pull together in one forum to support Karen Klein the bus monitor who was bullied.  She is now able to retire and go on a vacation. What more can we do as a community?

The powerful message given to children as a community cannot be ignored.  It takes a community to make a difference…to bring forth Show Love No Bullying change.  We want to get the message out to our children about the various types of bullying and what they can do to overcome bullying situations. Therefore, make a difference in education about bullying.  FUNducate LLC. is one company that plans to do this by putting the “Show Love No Bullying” book series in our children's hands!

Remember “Show Love No Bullying!”