Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Safety

It’s that time of year again, the time when we have to worry about travel conditions, children walking, and parents driving. There are many areas in our country where adverse weather can come at anytime. These weather changes may create very dangerous situations. Many students are commuting to their school from further distances in recent times by way of walking and several more in vehicles (that are near school areas dropping off and picking up students).

As parents, the best thing we can do for winter safety is; pre-plan and use caution. We know everyone needs to go to work, drop off their children, pick-up groceries and so on. Pre-planning is essential during the winter months, as well as, allowing additional time for commuting.

Safety Tip Bullets

     Walking/Outside safetyChildren go to school in their school clothes; those clothes may not provide much protection from the cold. Yes, children dash into a warm car, bus, or school building, but what happens if something goes wrong in between?
o   Layers under school clothing (thermals)
o   Winter Shoes : that can keep their feet warm for walking on ice or in snow (dry shoes in a separate bag)
o  Coat/Hat/Gloves/Scarf
o  Ensure your visibility while driving around schools is not poor with your headlights on, so you can see children walking and they can see you!

Ø  Vehicle safety : Ensure your vehicle is in good working order and winterized. Our intent is to help if you become stranded because of the weather, and if your vehicle breaks down. So let's grab up a few essentials to carry in the car with you!
o   Road Flares:  glow sticks (Lowes and Home Depot)
o   Cell phone with tow truck numbers in it for emergency road service
o  If stuck along the road; keep your window down a few inches for fresh air
o   Ensure the windows, headlights, tail lights, hood and roof are kept clear of snow
o    Have plenty of gas
o    Necessary Equipment: Properly inflated spare tire, wheel wrench and jack, shovel, jumper cables, tow strap/tire chains, bag of salt or cat litter, tool kit, at least one blanket, first aid kit, drinking water, non-perishables, high-energy foods like unsalted canned nuts, dried fruits, hard candy, and energy bars, exterior windshield cleaner/deicer, ice scraper and snow brush
o    if you drive with children) Children’s book, games, activities (reduce anxiety and panic)

Remember we have to ensure our children’s safety as well as ourselves.  Our children need us to help them be successful now and in the futures. Laugh a lot, smile a lot, Be Great!

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